What is coupomated?

What is coupomated?

Coupomated specializes in aggregating affiliate content and making it available to couponing websites, affiliates & bloggers at an affordable cost.
We provide coupon data feed that can be integrated virtually on any platform/theme including WordPress. By integration of Coupomated coupon Datafeed, all coupon content on your website is updated/created automatically, so that you can spend more time on business development leaving content work to us.

We aim to simplify the monetization process for affiliates/publishers so that they can turn their passion into meaningful income.
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    • Why Coupomated?

      There are multiple reasons why coupomated should be your service provider for coupon feed. In regard to coupons and promotions, we have an advanced system for sourcing coupons, deals, offers, and other promotions from the networks we work with. Our ...
    • How do you differentiate Coupomated from competitors?

      Coupomated is not just a coupon data feed! We are an all-purpose content, data, and merchant management solution for smart affiliates. We take the hassle out of being an affiliate by providing clean, comprehensive, and reliable data, providing ...
    • Does Coupomated datafeed work with WordPress? Any specific theme?

      Yes, coupomated data feed works with WordPress without any specific theme. Virtually you can use any theme and get our coupomated Datafeed integrated. ​ Moreover, you can subscribe to the WordPress integration service, Coupomated2Live.
    • How does Coupomated provides data?

      We provide data in 2 ways. You can evaluate and pick which is best, we will highlight which should be used for typical cases. Coupon DataFeed  - Where the data is already prepared as a file and kept ready on the server, as delivered as CSV/XML/JSON ...
    • Can I see Coupomated coupon datafeed integrated on any coupon website based on WordPress?

      Of course yes, we have created a demo WordPress website using the top five couponing themes. Click here for more details on themes. For WordPress backend login user name & password, login in the dashboard and refer link for demo website, WordPress ...