Do you provide documentation?

Do you provide documentation?

Yes, we do provide documentation to configure various settings, video tutorials to get started, and on-demand clarification whenever requested.
We do not provide any source code documentation, except that the code has already been commented on.

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    • Do you provide full source code without any encryption?

      Yes, we provide full source code without any encryption so that you can customize it whatever way you want now or later.
    • I do not know coding/programming, can I still own and run the cashback businesses?

      Of course yes, as the way our software is developed, you don't need to have any programming knowledge. all the routine configurations are managed from within the admin panel and easy to use forms and tables. Moreover, we provide comprehensive video ...
    • What’s the hosting / server requirement?

      We typically opt for the following config server: 1-2 GB RAM Linux Nginx php7-fpm MySQL 5.6 and above Moreover, we provide the DigitalOCean VPS setup and deployment along with multiple freebies like SSL, business email setup, and Cloudflare setup, ...
    • What’s your support policy?

      We provide bug fix support for FREE for a certain duration based on the solution type and plan. Please visit the solution detail page to know more about the duration of the plan. Under free support, if any functionality provided doesn’t work as ...
    • How do we create merchants, categories, coupons?

      You can create merchants from the direct network by opting for network merchant API integration. If not opted, you can use the admin panel to create new merchants or use bulk import functionality and create using the CSV file. Similarly, categories ...